Exclusive Promotions

These promotions are available for bookings made on the website or directly with the hotel desk. Minimum age of 21 years is required. Please call the hotel for any clarification.

  1. Free Room Upgrade: Book any room, and get upgraded to our Jacuzzi suites, subject to luck and availability at the time of check-in. You roll a pair of dice, and if you roll double 6 (i.e., Route 66 to you!), you get upgraded to our Jacuzzi suites for a night. Even if you roll a single 6, you are welcome to upgrade at 50% discount! All upgrade offers are subject to availability of Jacuzzi suites. We have 12 Jacuzzi suites. Availability is good, especially on weekdays, and you have a good shot at rolling double 6, or much higher shot at rolling at least one 6.
  2. Exclusive Extended Stay: $300 a week. No additional tax required. No lease required. All utilities including high speed internet is included.
  3. Free Conference or Banquet Room: Organize a wedding or a party at our banquet room, and get it free with guaranteeing room reservations of $2,000+tax by your party guests. Just a few Jacuzzi suites for VIPs and a few additional standard rooms for a couple of nights will get you the free banquet room.
  4. Free Giveaways: We regularly run sweepstakes for our gaming customers. We gave away $3,000 on March 15th, 2022 and next giveaway of $3,000 is on May 6th, 2022. We are also giving away a bike on that day. No purchase necessary, so please stop by to say hello and drop your entry.
    Our Promotions do not stack over each other. No purchase is necessary to earn the free/discounted upgrade coupon by throwing a pair dice. A purchase is necessary only to use the coupon. The coupon expires immediately, if not used right away. The coupon is not transferrable and only one throw is permitted per group of people who intend to stay together in a room.